Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Google & Database search session tips

Jeff Zeng

Here are some tips about Google and Database search sessions.

Google tip: 

Google search is the most commonly used search tool for me.t Before this lesson, I did not realize the importance of advanced search skill. After this session, I found that the advanced search not only can greatly improve search efficiency, but also easier to find the desired information.

Database tip:

Before this class, I never thought about using the database to search for information. However, I now find information in the database is more professional and specification respect to Google and other search tools . Moreover, I believe that database has more comprehensive information , such as author, year, issue time.There are many powerful database, such as IEEE, Scopus, Emerald.

Advanced information search skill can reduce the number search results and improve the relevant of content.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

My IL Development

Zhang Jun

1. What is the change?
 I established an online shop with my friend, which sells second-hand books.

2.What are the "information" implications?
 I need information about the method to set a website to do the online shopping. I have to know    about the population and satisfaction of customers who are willing to buy the books. Furthermore, I also need to learn how to advertise my books, how to manage the webpage and how to present the my homepage more effectively.

3.What can you do to meet these new information needs?
a. I invited my friend who was rather good at information technology and computing skills. So he could help me set a website and edit the content of  page.
b. I had prepared all of the books I want to sell, some of which were mine, others are belong to my classmates, and took a lot of pictures of each book in order to show them on the page to let customers more effectively understand what the current books to be sold look like.
c. I did a research about the commodity price information of the online marketing and set an appropriate price of those second-hand books.
d. I made a timetable and schedule to manage my page, which means that update all of the information and data of my page in time as well as communicate with the customers in the first time.

Monday, 14 October 2013

My strengths and weaknesses in 7 pillars Information Literacy model

Jin He
I think I may relatively good at information identify and evaluate because it is what I have to do when preparing each essay and academic assignment. The regularity of using those two skills should be the main reason I chose those abilities. On the other side, I believe my presenting and information managing skills should be improved. It is based on the fact of the lack of knowledge on professionally and systematically recording and presenting the key information. The writing skills, which is absolute important in properly presenting the information, also need more practice and training.

Zhang Jun

When talking about the strengths and weakness of my information literacy, I suppose it is ealuating and identifying the information that I am much better in. For instance, when I get some information from someplace, what I would firstly do is to identify and evaluate if thses information are rather useful for me. On the other hand, I am weak in managing inforation, because I m less good at in using computing skills, which for the information management, are absolutely needed. So such is also what I want to be improved.

Jeff Zeng

To be honest,after reading the 7 Pillars of Information Literacy defined by the SCONUL, I am not able to clearly distinguish the relationships between them. However,I think my strehgths are identify and gater. I can clearly identify what information I need and have ability to gather information through different ways. My weakness are manage and evaluate the information.I can get to the information I need, but can not assessment of what information is necessary.On the other hand, I could not very well manage these information resources.So, I hope that I can enhance my ability to manage and plan information through this course of study.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Information Universe

Zhang Jun
Regarding the time that I found information, I would like to introduce one of my experience during my undergraduate course, Production and Operation Management. My tutor told us we needed to do a research relating to site selection among three different estate coporations. All of the elements for selecting need to be contrasted with each other, and the way to find these information is only the field trip. When I started to do the research, therefore, I chose three different accommodations which respectively belong to three estate coporation.

For the information I had to found, I focused on the aspects of geographical position, traffic condition, house type and the housing price. The method for finding these informtion I used was searching the records and datas in the library and on the computer, as well as interviewing people who lived in the accommdation, which much like questionnaire survey.

Hence, I am able to identify the types of reference resouces of the information I found as Investigation and Records.

Jeff Zeng

When preparing this new topic I think of my final year study during my undergraduate. My undergraduate major is Electronic Engineering. In the final year, every final year student need to do a project which like a graduation present. Every student have different topics and research items. The designer of each work requires its own programs and ideas which require different from the past researches. My project is a Ball and plant control system, I didn’t know what it is and even never hear about it. Before staring my project, my supervisor ask me to do a research relating this topic which means I need to find relevant information such as background.

My first thought is Google it. I quickly saw thousands of relevant information. I think these are all I need. However, the matter is not so simple.There are some introduction of this project, bust also most of websites’s information is not exactly what I need. I spend a lot of time on collecting and classifying these information.

I need to search for information from hundreds of different websites that there are different types of reference resources , such as articles, blog, videos. Most of the articles are introduced product performance and usage instructions. Blogs are mostly commendations and evaluations from user or designers. There have some relatively interesting videos which more direct introduce demonstrations and operating of produces. Of course, relevant books are necessary.

From above, the information types I used involve academic articles, blog, video and textbook. I didn’t use information like report and journal.

Jie Zhang

At this moment, i would like to introduce the first experience of searching information and using those sources to finish a essay in academic writing course at Sheffield International College. Firstly, i got a topic about employees turnover problem. Before, i was going to writ down something, our teacher teached us to use different types of methods to get sources. the most experience is using StarPlus to search some references on the University Library Online System. Then, i used Google Scholar to get another information. At the same time, using google to search something that related to my topic can help me to bulid some idea. Finally, i went to library to find out some management book to improve a professional management knowledge. Addtionally, key words and key sentence helped me to find some reference mor quicklly.

Therefore, the way what am i encounter information was StarPlus, Google search engine, professional website and library. At the same time , some types of references that i had found was book, journal and news. Finally, certain key words helped me to find out references, which was employees, employers, employee turnover, impacts, effects and motivation.

To sum up, i am able to identify different types of references and to search imformation use different methods.

Jin He
I'm working on my Test Essay with the topic of "Is Google all you need for finding the information needed during school or university study?" As it is an academic essay, I need excerpts from  sources ranging from academic archives (reports, thesis and journals) to normal reports in the website such as news and consumer's feedbacks to support my arguments. Till now, the information sources I used including Google simple search, Google Scholar, Online academic databases and recommended links and references distributed during the relevant course (Academic Writing).

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

About ourselves

Zhang Jun
Hello everyone, let me introduce myself. My subject is Information Mangement, which is quite related to what I have studied in my undergraduate studies, Information Management and Information Systems. I come from China, and as an International student, I am rather curious about all sort of things in the UK. I love British culture,  British English, most importantly, as well as British education, which might be the main reason for me to pursue my postgraduate studies in here.

Jeff Zeng

Hello everyone, this is Jeff Zeng.I'm studying the MSC in Information management at the Sheffield.And I got my undergraduate degree in BEng Electonic Engineering in the Sheffield Hallam University.I love Sheffield, so I stay at here to continue my study.I'm interested in basketball and snooker.I'm glad to be friend with everyone.

Hello, everyone.
my name is Jie Zhang, and i come from NanNing, which is located in the southwest part of China.
Now, i am studying Information Management in the University of Sheffield.
i am interested in singing and jogging. At the same time, i am friendly persone. If someone needs help, i will very happy to help them.
Moverover, i would like to make new friend to learn different culture.

My name is Jin He, I'm from China. I'm now a postgraduate student in Sheffield University Information School studying Information Management.
To me, Sheffield is not unfamiliar, it is a midsize, quiet but lively city. I came here one and a half year ago to improve my language and academic skill at ELTC and SIC. After one year of staying, I received considerable improvement on my English. Moreover, I got a chance on making friend with students from other countries and experiencing British education system - which I believe that could let me get better prepared for current study in the university. I like knowing new people and I like to share my opinions and ideas with my friends and partners so we can not only move forward together, but also develop better understandings for issues. Finally, I'm looking forward to my performance in this new semester and hope it could become a wonderful memory for the future.